Busy week, waiting for a long weekend!

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Second shoot

Δεύτερη λήψη με total outfit DIMITRIS PETROU (www.dimitrispetrou.com) και γόβες CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (www.ennydimonaco.com)!

Second shoot wearing DIMITRIS PETROU total outfit (www.dimitrispetrou.com) and CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN heels (www.ennydimonaco.com)!

In the evening

Το βράδυ με φόρεμα DIESEL και κόσμημα ANGELO DI SPIRITO ROSA (www.angelodispiritorosa.com) έτοιμη για πάρτυ στο BOX ATHENS με guest την καταπληκτική Καίτη Γαρμπή!

In the evening wearing a sexy DIESEL dress and ANGELO DI SPIRITO ROSA back drop necklace (www.angelodispiritorosa.com) ready to party at BOX ATHENS with guest singer the amazing Kaiti Garbi!

by Chrissianna Andriopoulou

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Busy week, waiting for a long weekend!