“Hot” week!

“Hot” week!

Πολύ ζεστή μέρα με τρέξιμο και το ντύσιμο μου: σορτς ANNIEP (www.anniepapadimitriou.com), φανελάκι ALEXANDER WANG (www.sohosoho.gr), σανδάλια VALIA GABRIEL (www.valiagabriel.com), τσάντα CELINE, γυαλιά DIOR (www.panaidis.gr) και κολιέ ANTONIA KARRA (www.antoniakarra.com)!

Very hot day and my outfit perfect for the heat wave: ANNIE P shorts (www.anniepapadimitriou.com), ALEXANDER WANG tank top (www.sohosoho.gr), VALIA GABRIEL sandals (www.valiagabriel.com), CELINE bag, DIOR sunnies (www.panaidis.gr) and ANTONIA KARRA necklaces (www.antoniakarra.com)!


by Chrissianna Andriopoulou

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July arrived with a mini heat wave!
“Hot” week!