Seems like Spring time!

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Seems like Spring time!

Άνοιξη μέσα στο χειμώνα και άκρως απολαυστικές οι ηλιόλουστες μέρες! Έτοιμη για ραντεβού με super διάθεση και outfit: TWIST&TANGO t shirt, καμπάνα jean και jacket SOMEDAYSLOVIN (όλα ST-9 Stores,, γυαλιά DEEP SHALLOW EXPOSITION ( και BALENCIAGA ankle boots!

Spring weather in the heart of winter and amazing sunny days! Ready for a business meeting in a great mood and my outfit: TWIST&TANGO t shirt, flares and fringe jacket SOMEDAYSLOVIN (all ST-9 Stores,, DEEP SHALLOW EXPOSITION shades ( and BALENCIAGA ankle boots!


by Chrissianna Andriopoulou

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Seems like Spring time!